CEO Speak

Board of directors

Shri Sandip Banerjee, Chairman/MD

The present WEBCON team is deeply motivated to usher & chart a sustainable growth oriented future for the company. The company judiciously makes and match both State and Central government projects & assignments towards achieving higher top and bottom line to achieve the planned momentum.

Selection of assignments are fully aligned to Webcon’s core competency. Bolstered by repeat business sourcing, pegged on improved delivery based platform is the key to sustainable growth. Webcon also is deeply committed to garner path breaking assignments, mainly Central Government scheme & projects , with large scale delivery scheme to achieve, beyond the historical trend growth.

The Team is successful in achieving such large achievements & creating a stage for the company towards catapulting the company from the cusp of mediocrity, since its inception in 1979, to charter newer horizons. The current leadership at Webcon reposes substantial faith on to entire stake holders of the company towards charting out a 5 X growth in top and bottom line starting financial year 2018-19 onwards.

We remain sincerely thankful to all patient stake holders on reposing unfettered faith on our abilities in allowing us to re-engineer Webcon in recent past to metamorphose it to a substantially larger landscape of growth & profitability.

The growth also is firmly in footed in ushering achieving better standards of statutory compliance, better employee orientation & empowerment as well as increasing wealth to the share holders.

Nominee Directors